Springtime is here y’all and the kids just keep getting bigger. Why not give your kiddos an experience they won’t forget this Spring, by visiting some of the awesome parks on our Top 10 Cincinnati Parks For Kids?
My own children are grown and I don’t have any grandchildren yet, but I am privileged to have a niece and nephew. Delilah is 5 and Anakin is 2, so whenever I get time with them, I take them somewhere they’ve never been before. It’s so cool to witness their excitement and joy when I share my favorite places in Cincinnati with them.

So, join us on our adventure this Spring and check out these super-cool parks, right here in Cincinnati!

1. Highfield Discovery Garden in Glenwood Gardens

The Highfield Discovery Garden located in Glenwood Gardens is a 12-acre wonderland. Explore seven different gardens that your little ones will absolutely love. Experience a 25-foot treehouse, a kid-sized cottage, or a program!


Dragon guarding the Fairy Garden at Highfield Discovery Gardens – Glenwood Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio

Included in the seven little gardens are a fairy garden, a trolley garden, a vegetable garden, Grandma’s scent garden, see some huge caterpillars in the morph garden, and last but not least is the butterfly garden.

Address: 10397 Springfield Pike Cincinnati, OH 45215

2. Juilfs Park

Juilfs Park is a 28-acre gem in Anderson Township. Kids and adults alike will love this park with its hike/bike trails, farm-themed playground, toddler playground, sandpit, tennis courts, basketball court, baseball diamonds, volleyball courts, soccer fields, and lots of open green space.


Juilf’s Park Playground – Cincinnati Parks

Could there be any more excitement? Yes! After Memorial Day the water play park in the farm playground will be operating! Splish, splash, run, and play, Juilfs Park has something for everyone.

Address: 8249 Clough Pike Cincinnati, OH 45244

3. Cincinnati Nature Center PlayScape

The Cincinnati Nature Center PlayScape is a great place for your kids to really interact with nature. Your kids can manipulate the soil, plants, and water found here. Plus, there’s the mud zone! You might need a bath after this one.


Playscape at Cincinnati Nature Center – Photo courtesy of 365Cincinnati.com

This place is definitely on my list of places to take my niece and nephew this Spring. We love to get outdoors and get dirty. I’ll be sure to write about our experience.

In the meantime, check the article Bridgett Raffenberg wrote after she visited Nature Playscape with her kids last summer.

It became their “favorite spot for outdoor play” and in her post “The Nature PlayScape at the Cincinnati Nature Center (Rowe Woods)”, she shares their Top 5 things to do there, and all the reasons why!

Address: 4949 Tealtown Rd. Milford, OH 45150

4. Smale Riverfront Park

Smale Riverfront Park is an excellent choice for families to explore the riverfront and have fun for hours. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
The kids will love Carol Ann’s Carousel, the Main Street Fountain, the Heekin/PNC Adventure Playground, and the P&G go Vibrantscape. They will relish running through the fountains and manipulating the giant water auger. Older kids can attempt to mount the Flying Pig using the ropes to climb on top.


Children playing with giant chess pieces – Riverfront, Cincinnati

Does anyone in your family love board games? Take a walk under the Roebling Suspension Bridge where you’ll find giant versions of your favorite games.

Address: West Mehring Way Cincinnati, OH 45202

5. Summit Park

You can do pretty much anything at Summit Park. Located in Blue Ash, the park is a 130-acre adventure-packed spring and summer destination for the whole family.
According to Cincinnatiparent.com, the park just keeps getting better and better! The newest addition that the kids will go bananas for is the Nature Playscape.

summit park playground cincinnati parks

Summit Park Playground – Photo courtesy of CincinnatiUSA.com

This is another Playscape that offers natural materials for playtime featuring water, sand, mud, sticks, and timber. Come for the sensory experience, stay for the rope courses, zip lines, and log forts.
This park is wonderful for younger and older kids, with so much to do for everyone.
Definitely bring your little ones a change of clothes because they will get wet in the kid-sized creeks and water parks!

Address: 4335 Glendale Milford Rd. Blue Ash, OH 45242

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6. West Fork Park Playland

If you have a little one with a disability or sensory issues, or if you just need to go somewhere after your park visit, the West Fork Park Playland is for you. There is no mulch or dirt (only turf), and the park exceeds accessibility guidelines.
There are eight play zones that are specifically designed to keep your kids’ attention for longer than 30 minutes.


West Fork Park Playland – photo courtesy of GreenTwp.org

There is a huge infant/toddler play area, a maze full of colors and textured walls for children with sensory complications, and all the chances to climb and play on a 14-foot mega tower. This is a great park if you have multiple children at different developmental stages.

Address: 4764 West Fork Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45247

7. Eden Park

There are many things to do in Eden Park, but the reason it’s on the list are the blossoms. Oh, the blossoms. Just look at these beautiful blossoms at Eden Park!

spring blossoms at eden park in cincinnati spring 2021

Eden Park in Spring – Cincinnati Parks

If it looks that great, can you imagine how it smells? Your little ones will love exploring the trails lined with flowers and trees in bloom.
Eden Park is also home to the Krohn Conservatory, which is also a sweet spot to take your kids. If you have a plant-lover like I do, this park has a lot to offer.

Address: 950 Eden Park Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45202

8. Ault Park

Ault Park is a 224-acre gem situated in Hyde Park and has playgrounds for little kids and big kids alike. The play structure for kids 2-5 is atop a safe, squishy surface, while the play structure for kids 5-12 is filled with mulch and wood chips. There are two swing sets with a ton of swings as well as picnic tables and plenty of green space.

ault park pavilion cincinnati oh

Pavilion at Ault Park, Cincinnati Parks

Besides the playground area, Ault Park is quite scenic. There’s a gorgeous pavilion that sits on top of the hill in the middle of the park, which makes for the perfect storybook wedding venue.

Address: 3600 Observatory Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45208

9. Sharon Woods

Guys, Sharon Woods is HUGE. This 730-acre park offers an experience for everyone. There are miles of trails and a lake to walk around and fish. Visit the boathouse to rent a paddleboat and piddle around on the 35-acre Sharon Lake.

paddle boats at sharon woods cincinnati parks

Paddle Boats at Sharon Woods, Cincinnati Parks

There are natural play areas along with an indoor play park for children 2-12. You could even throw a birthday party here!

When the kids were younger, I would take them to Sharon Woods and we would play in the creek that runs through the park. We would walk barefoot in the water and they would wear swimming suits. In some spots, it would get to about 3 feet deep and they could swim. There are even small waterfalls. Good memories 🙂

Address: 11450 Lebanon Rd. Sharonville, OH 45241

10. Home of the Brave Park

Home of the Brave Park is another great one if you have a large age range of kids. The three parts of the playground for different ages are all adjacent to each other, so it’s easy to stay in one place and watch multiple children.
There are wet and dry playgrounds (bring that extra change of clothes), baseball fields, and multi-purpose fields. The play structures have an earthy look to them, so they’re fun to play on AND to look at. There are tons of climbing opportunities with ropes and rock walls accompanied by various steps and ramps.
For your history buff kids, there is also a military memorial wall.

Address: 11605 Lebanon Rd. Symmes Township, OH 45140

What’s Your Favorite Cincinnati Park?

Have you been to any of these parks in the past or are you planning on visiting any of them this Spring? What is your favorite park in Cincinnati?

If it didn’t make my list, I’d love for you to leave your answer in the comments section below so that I can be sure to visit and write about my experience.

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