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X.Wynn Films is Your Local One-Stop Video Shop

Are you getting married soon or do you have a senior graduating high school? Maybe you want to capture your child’s sporting event. Whatever the occasion is you want to remember, we have the solution for you.  

X.Wynn Films is a small, black-owned organization in Cincinnati that partners with individuals and brands to bring stories to life through videography and photography. They are a growing company that is an awesome choice for your film needs. Just check out their portfolio of work!

They break their services down into three categories: videography, editing, and photography.

Videography Services

X. Wynn Films offers affordable videography services that are so creative,  you’ll be blown away!

Check out this promotional video created for Walnut Hills High School football team.  The talent behind this video is impressive and whether you care about high school football or not, you will enjoy this video – I give you a “pinkie promise” on that!

football promo video Cincinnati Walnut Hills High School team

This video by X.Wynn Films gets Cincinnati viewers pumped for high school football!

Don’t need a promo video?  No matter what you’d like to have professionally captured on video, X.Wynn Films will deliver a unique and memorable video that you’ll want to share with the world.

Music Video – How cool would it be to shoot a music video? If you’re a local artist looking for affordable, but high-quality video, X.Wynn Films is a great choice to consider.

Event Recording – Life is full of one-time events and milestones that mark some of the best memories of our lives.  X.Wynn Films would love to capture your special moments so you can share them loved ones for years to come.  Whether it’s a Sweet 16 party, a family reunion, the baby shower for your firstborn, or your wedding, Xander and his crew have you covered.

Livestreaming – Although we’re coming out the other side of a pandemic, you still might want to have your wedding live-streamed. It’s a great option for long-distance friends and relatives to still attend your wedding, even if it’s just virtually.

Whatever your videography needs are, I encourage you to support a Cincinnati local videographer like X.Wynn Films.

Professional Photography

In addition to the videography services, they also offer a variety of photography services.

From sporting events, weddings, birthday parties, and portraits, X.Wynn Films offers professional, quality photography for your events at great prices.

Your Perfect Choice For Sports Photography

Xander Wynn is also an athlete, which gives him an edge over other photographers when it comes to shooting photos related to sports.  As you can see in the images below, he really knows how to make a picture “worth a thousand words”.

X.Wynn Films professional photography for sports teams

Sports Photography at it’s finest from X.Wynn Films, Cincinnati, Ohio

Video and Photo Editing

Do you already have video footage that needs editing, or you have photos that you want in a slideshow?  Take advantage of the video and photo editing services offered by X.Wynn Films.  

Whatever your video or photography needs are, you’ll find it on X.Wynn Film’s list of services

The X.Wynn Films Story

Did you have a passion when you were young? A dream that set your heart on fire, that kept you up at night? Have you ever worked on a project that made you forget to eat and lose track of time?

If any of this is true for you, you’re one of the lucky ones that’s brushed shoulders with their muse, a lot like Xander D. Wynn.

Xander is the 17-year-old business owner of X.Wynn Films, run by a team of four young men in addition to Xander and his mother, Sherri.

Who is Xander D. Wynn?


Xander started X.Wynn Films in 2019 after years of attending what was then called Stages for Youth, now called Fourthwall Youth Studios.


Believe it or not, Xander is only a junior in high school! He will be starting his senior year this fall at Butler Tech for digital media.

Xander doesn’t just shoot sports, though. He has recorded several promo videos for local businesses, filmed music videos, and has even created a few short films.

Even without considering his young age, Xander is a very impressive young man!

Xander’s Meeting With Obama

Yes, you read that right.

Xander met then-President Barack Obama, when he was invited to the White House.  His film, Frere, was selected as an honorable mention for the White House Film Festival.

Frere explores the introspective mind of a young boy who runs into his estranged older brother. We also get the perspective of the older brother when he was an active alcoholic.

It’s a moving film of betrayal and redemption that you shouldn’t miss.  ”Frere also impressively won a Golden Lion Award, chosen from hundreds of submissions.

Xander said that meeting Barack Obama was, “surreal and a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s a moment you don’t forget.”


best pet photography cincinnati

Pet photography by X.Wynn Films, Cincinnati

Xander’s Passion for Film and Photography

Xander’s favorite medium of work is photography.

He started shooting more photography at the beginning of this school year, and he has definitely delved into the art. “Right now, photography is taking off and I really enjoy where it’s going.”

Xander’s passions for videography and photography really ignited when he first attended the two-week summer film camp, Stages for Youth.  Now called Fourthwall Youth Studios, this camp has been formative for Xander.

At this camp, students learn everything there is to know about what a camera is.  They shoot videos, talk about script ideas, and edit and complete a final project in two weeks.

Frank O’Farrell is the director at Fourthwall Youth Studios.  Sherri, Xander’s mom, made sure to mention how helpful he has been for Xander.

He made his short film, Frere, just after his first trip to this camp, in 7th grade. Xander just kept going up from there.

In 10th grade, Xander began giving back to the camp that helped to cultivate his passion, and volunteered to help other kids at the camp.

Xander on Business

When asked what made him decide to start a business at such a young age, Xander replied, “I knew that this is what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to go about it…I didn’t know how to get to where I wanted to be.”  

Xander’s mentor, Jordan, was starting a business at the same time, so they helped each other.  Xander is extremely grateful to Fourthwall Youth Studios, and Eric, who works there, for supplying all of the startup equipment for X.Wynn Films on the cheap.

You might be wondering if Xander did it, how can you do it?

So I asked Xander “What do you have to say to other young, aspiring entrepreneurs?” 

“Just go for it! You’re so young and you have all this time to fail…I think you’ll regret it if you don’t do it.”

Who is Sherri Boone?

First and foremost, Sherri Boone is one proud mama!  It’s clear she has a reason to be, and nurtures Xander’s talents and path to success.

Although she has over 10 years of non-profit experience and a background in real estate and property management, Sherri’s currently attending classes for marketing.

This has turned out to be very useful for working with X.Wynn Films on brand awareness, and as the Relationship Coordinator. In other words, she ensures the business runs smoothly.

Sherri is also a proud doggie foster mom!  Currently she’s fostering just one doggo.

Special Savings – Just For You!

For a limited time, X.Wynn Films is offering special savings, just for you!

Mention AllAboutCincinnati.com and receive 20% off of any service! 

Choose from an extensive menu of options that fall into the categories of videography, editing, and photography. Some of the services to choose from include:

  • Wedding Livestream
  • Photo Slideshow
  • Promotional Video
  • Event Photography
  • Music Video
  • Family Portraits
  • Presentation Recap Video
  • Senior Portraits
  • Video Editing
  • Sports Photography


Don’t miss out on your opportunity to save money as well as capture something precious. By all means, have your cake and eat it too.

X.Wynn Films is hiring!

Are you or someone you know in the Cincinnati area passionate about film and photography? Send your resume over to Xander and Sherri!

They are looking for help with videography and photography for the upcoming basketball season with opportunity for growth. No experience is necessary, but a resume and portfolio are preferred. Contact them through their website or social media.
Join the team with Xander and Sherri, along with Kenneth, Kevin, Jeremiah, and Tre’Shaun.

Xander Wynn is an exceptional young man with an immense amount of talent. With the support of his mother, Sherri, he has leveraged resources like Fourthwall Youth Studios to make his dreams come true.

I find Xander’s story, his work, and his life truly inspirational. I imagine you feel similarly. Let us know in the comments your thoughts about X.Wynn Films, and please take a moment to like us on Facebook and share this post!