Develop the energy you need to feel your best. Clear your mind and ride to the beat in our rhythm based REV class. DEFINE REV helps you build a strong body and mind without sacrificing your joints


Our rythem-based DEFINE BODY class incorporates the science of pilates, yoga core strengthening & ballet in a balanced workout on the mat.


Our DEFINE BOUNCE class is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) on a personal trampoline combined with targeted barre work. Trampolines are 20% more cardio effective than treadmills and are 80% less stressful on your knees.


Get all the best parts of pilates, yoga and ballet in one full-body class.  Yogis and barre lovers alike adore this perfect blend of traditional yoga flow and DEFINE:Body movements in this 45 minute method.

Our instructors will offer a stillness and rhythmic movement with body weight and resistance to bring strength and length to deep supportive muscles

3012 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209