As a lover of Cincinnati and a writer for this website, taking frequent “stay-cations” is a must.  My most recent weekend hotel stay was at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cincinnati.

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Booking and Check-in at the Renaissance Hotel

I decided on Thursday that I was going to book a hotel for the weekend in downtown Cincinnati.  My five-month old puppy and long-term houseguest had me feeling overwhelmed at home, and frankly, I needed some much overdue “me time”.

Booking With

I headed to and booked a King standard room at the Renaissance Hotel in Cincinnati for Friday and Saturday night.  I received my confirmation after booking online, but realized that I’d made a mistake.  I’d wanted to book a suite, specifically with a jacuzzi tub, but had only booked a standard room.

I immediately called the hotel and explained my error.  Since I booked through a third-party, the concierge wasn’t sure that she’d be able to change my reservation.  She returned to the phone and let me know that they could upgrade me to a King Executive Suite, with a soaking tub (they do not have jacuzzi tubs) with no problem.  To my surprise, the price difference was much less than I expected.

Checking In At The Renaissance Hotel

Checking in was a breeze at the Renaissance.  I pulled my car up in front of the hotel and the valet took care of my car from there.  There is a $42 per day charge for the valet, so be aware of that if you plan to utilize that amenity.  Or, use one of the many parking garages within walking distance of the hotel to save some cash.


Front desk at Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

As soon as I walked into the hotel, I was immediately impressed with the luxurious 1920’s-style feel of the hotel, which happens to be my favorite era.  I knew right then that I was in for a treat!

The staff greeted me right away, and I was on the elevator headed to the 11th floor King Executive Suite in less than two minutes.

COVID-19 Precautions at the Renaissance Hotel

Although the restrictions seem to be loosening around town with COVID-19 precautions, everyone working at the Renaissance was masked up.  Also, there was a sign on the front door requiring a mask for entry into the building.

In addition to that, on at least two separate occasions, I saw janitorial staff spraying things down in the lobby area including the elevator buttons.

Here are just a few of the precautions that I witnessed personally, of the Renaissance Hotel taking to protect guests:

  1. Valet is using plastic covers for the steering wheels and gear shifts
  2. Masks are mandatory in all common areas for staff and guests
  3. Frequent sanitizing throughout the common areas of the hotel
  4. Television remotes and other handheld items in the room are sanitized and in plastic
  5. The rooms and suites are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly



Lobby at the Renaissance Hotel – Downtown Cincinnati

I spoke to the front desk specifically about their diligence to keep guests safe, and she assured me that they are sanitizing high-touch common areas every two hours  and all high-touch areas in the rooms and suites between visits.

Renaissance Hotel King Executive Suite

I decided to go all out on my weekend getaway, and I’m so glad I upgraded to the King Executive Suite at the Renaissance Hotel!

This suite includes a large living room area, a bedroom, a full bathroom, a half-bath, and several closets.  The entire suite has huge windows that stretch from (practically) the floor to the ceiling, giving you awesome views of the downtown skyline, and the hustle-and-bustle on the city streets below.

Living Room Area

Upon entering the front door of the suite, I was in the living room area.  A huge smile lit up my face and I literally felt giddy with delight!  The room was gorgeous!  It was decorated with modern decor, a fold-out sofa, two chairs, a large flat-screen tv and built in counter/desk space.  There was also a mini-fridge for refreshments and a large closet.

Renaissance Hotel Cincinnati – King Executive Suite Living Room Area

Although I had this suite all to myself, there is plenty of space in the living room for a family to hang out and chill without getting on each other’s nerves.  You can even easily move the chairs and a table over to another part of the room to play board games or do a puzzle while others watch a movie on the flat-screen.

With a hotel room of this size, there are plenty of options.

The Bedroom

The King Executive Suite at the Renaissance Hotel features a King bed with another large flat-screen television.  The closet includes wood hangers, an iron and ironing board, and a safe for your valuables.

The mattress, pillows and linens are top-notch and I haven’t slept that good in quite some time.


Bedroom – King Executive Suite at the Renaissance Hotel

The Renaissance does a great job with keeping the decor on point from room to room.  I love the lights installed above the bedframe – they offer a comfortable glow that highlights the beauty of the room.

King Suite Bathroom

My favorite spot in the King Executive Suite, which is one of the main highlights that made my stay at the Renaissance Hotel extraordinary, is their King Suite Bathroom!  I never thought I could enjoy hanging out in a bathroom so much as I did this one.

As I mentioned earlier, the reason I upgraded my room was for the tub, and I definitely got my money’s worth.

I’m always on the go, whether it’s for work – finding new clients, designing websites, running marketing campaigns, editing blog posts, managing properties, etc. – or helping out family and friends – not to mention Romeo, my five-month old Labrador puppy who demands my non-stop attention, and rarely do I take time to just RELAX.

I forced myself to soak in a hot bath for 30 minutes on three different occasions over my weekend at the Renaissance.  Their soak tub is awesome because the water can get very deep, allowing you to actually submerge your whole body in the water.  It was better than a jacuzzi tub.


Soak Tub in the Executive Suite at Renaissance Hotel Cincinnati

In addition to the soaking tub, there is a standup shower for getting ready to go out.  The water pressure is perfect and plenty of hot water to take a long shower if that’s your thing.

The Renaissance Hotel provided plenty of bath linens including large bath towels, hand towels, floor mats, and wash cloths.  There is a hair dryer and magnifying mirror for applying makeup and plenty of lighting.

Room Service & Valet

D Burnam’s is the Renaissance Hotel’s onsite restaurant, which features a dining room, bar and lounge, and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Since I was really just trying to lay low, I didn’t venture to the restaurant in person.  However, I did order room service.


D Burnham’s at Renaissance Hotel – Cincinnati

Room Service At The Renaissance Hotel

D Burnam’s offers an eclectic menu with fresh, local ingredients.  You can order everything from Pistachio Crusted Sea Bass to an Angus Burger, which is what I opted for on my first night there through room service.

Placing my order was simple, there was no request for payment and I was given an estimated delivery time of 30 minutes.  The delivery man showed up in about 20 minutes, and I was happy to see he was wearing both a mask and plastic gloves.  That gave me some confidence that the kitchen staff was also taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Angus Burger was cooked to perfection and served with french fries.

Using Valet At The Renaissance

As I mentioned earlier, the Renaissance Hotel offers valet service 24/7 during your stay.  Although the price is a bit steep in my opinion, at $42/day, their valet service is superb.

Upon arriving at the hotel, I was given a valet ticket.  I noticed there were at least 4 valet personnel on duty, and I was greeted immediately.

Anytime I needed my car, I just called down to the front desk and gave the last three digits of the ticket number.  By the time I made it down the elevator and to the street, my car was always waiting for me.

Upon returning, there was never a wait for a valet, and they always asked if I needed help carrying anything from the car.


Renaissance Hotel – Luxury Hotel Cincinnati, Ohio

The Renaissance Hotel Gets 5 Stars For Cleanliness!

Everywhere I went in the hotel, it was extremely clean.  From the hallways and elevators, to the lobby and the check-in area.

More importantly, the entire suite was immaculate.

  • The carpet, drapes and upholstery had no visible tears or stains.
  • The walls, window sills, doors and countertops had no visible damage, dirt, smudges, or stains.
  • The mirrors and chrome were polished and smudge-free.
  • The linens were all bright white, smelled fresh, and in excellent condition.

That’s all wonderful, and exactly what should be expected at a luxurious hotel such as the Renaissance Hotel.  However, where you can really tell how serious they are about cleanliness is in the bathroom.

The Renaissance Hotel has nailed it.  Every inch of this bathroom was spotless – and believe me, I check these things.  No fingerprints, mildew or soap scum anywhere.  In fact, there were no signs of previous guests at all.  It almost looked as if they had just remodeled the bathroom and I was the first guest…it was THAT CLEAN.

Renaissance Hotel – Top Pick For Luxurious Accommodations in Downtown Cincinnati

After a wonderful weekend of “Me Time” at the Renaissance Hotel, I’ve decided to take a weekend “staycation” monthly.  I was so impressed with the King Executive Suite that I can’t wait to start checking out the other hotels in Cincinnati that claim to be luxurious, to see how well they stack up to the Renaissance.

What’s Your Favorite Hotel In Cincinnati?

Have you ever stayed at the Renaissance Hotel?  If so, what was your experience like?

What’s your favorite hotel in Cincinnati?  I’d love some ideas on where to take my staycation, so please share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.